Songs to the Dark Virgin

Alternate Title

  • None1

Composition Year

  • 1935
  • October 17, 1941, G. Schirmer, Inc., E pub. 98821


  • Piano and medium or high voice


  • 2 min.

Lyricist and Source


Premiere Performance

  • Earliest known: November 19, 1939; Memorial Auditorium, Burlington, Vermont; Marian Anderson, contralto; Kosti Vehanen, piano.2
  • New York: November 29, 1939; Carnegie Hall, New York City; Marian Anderson, contralto; Kosti Vehanen, piano.

Published Editions


  • Under Construction

Thematic Incipits


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  1. Some commentators erroneously refer to this piece as Song to the Dark Virgin. The first word should be plural. 

  2. This piece is bound with “My Dream,” “Songs to the Dark Virgin,” “Ardella,” and “Dream Ships.”  2