Song of Hope

Alternate Title

  • None

Composition Year

  • 1930


  • SATB; - - [timp.perc]1 - org - str


  • 11 min

Lyricist and Source

  • Florence B. Price


Premiere Performance

  • Contemporary Premiere: March 26, 2022; Ford Hall, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY; Ithaca College School of Music Symphony Orchestra; Ithaca High School Chorale, Cornell University Chamber Singers, and Ithaca College Madrigal Singers; Nayla Griles, soprano; Holden Turner, baritone; Michael Stern, conductor.

Published Editions


  • None

Thematic Incipits

  • In Progress


  1. Brown, Rae Linda. The Heart of a Woman: The Life and Music of Florence B. Price. Music in American Life. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2020.


  1. The timpani and percussion parts are so minimal in the sole manuscript source that Price might have abandoned them. The editors at G. Schirmer consider these parts optional.