Sonata in E Minor

Alternate Title

  • Sonata in E Minor for Pianoforte

Composition Year

  • 19321
  • February 16, 1959, Florence Price, EU565746


  • Solo piano


  • 19 min.


Premiere Performance

  • First Movement: July 19332
  • Full Sonata: Unknown3

Published Editions


  • Under Construction

Thematic Incipits

  • In Progress


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  1. This piece won first prize for solo instrumental work in the 1932 Rodman Wanamaker competition. 

  2. Illinois Host House program in Claude Barnett Papers 

  3. Pianist Althea Waites began performing the sonata using copies from the manuscript in MC988 (listed above) around 1986. One of her first performances, according to the Los Angeles Times (February 2, 1986), occurred at Murphy Recital Hall, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California, on February 7, 1986.