Negro Folksongs in Counterpoint

Alternate Title

  • Four Negro Songs in Counterpoint1

Composition Year

  • ca. 1946


  • String quartet (2 vln, vla, vcl)


  • 10 min.


Premiere Performance

  • February 12, 1946. Curtiss Hall, Fine Arts Building (410 S. Michigan Ave.), Chicago. Musicians Club of Women, Ann Crane String Quartet: Ann Crane (Violin I), Mary Carol Penn (Violin II), Helen Otto (Viola), Jean Breivogel (Cello).

Published Editions


  • Uncovered, Vol 2: Florence Price. Catalyst Quartet. Azica Records Azica71346, 2022.

Thematic Incipits


  1. Brown, Rae Linda. The Heart of a Woman: The Life and Music of Florence B. Price. Music in American Life. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2020.


  1. This piece is sometimes erroneously conflated with Five Folksongs in Counterpoint. They are two separate pieces.