Bright be the Place

Alternate Title

Composition Year

  • 1942 (rev. 1944 and 1945)


  • Solo piano and medium voice


Lyricist and Source

  • George Gordon, Lord Byron (1788–1824)


  • MC988a: Florence Beatrice Smith Price Papers Addendum, Special Collections, Mullins Library, University of Arkansas
    • Score, complete (August 1942): Box 12, Folder 51
    • Score, complete (August 1942, Revised December 13, 1944 and October 2, 1945): Box 12, Folder 52
    • Score, complete (August 1942, Revised December 12, 1944): Box 12, Folder 53
    • Score, incomplete (undated) x2: Box 12, Folder 5

Premiere Performance

Published Editions


Thematic Incipits

  • In progress


  1. Brown, Rae Linda. The Heart of a Woman: The Life and Music of Florence B. Price. Music in American Life. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2020.


  1. This score contains several pencil revisions dated October 2, 1945. 

  2. This score notes that the piece was composed at “Riverwood,” Price’s summer home. It gives two different endings–one from the 1944 revision and one from the 1945 revision. An appended page includes more revisions from 1944 and 1945. 

  3. This score notes that the 1945 revisions can be found on a separate score, likely the one described in footnote 2. This version is also the only entry in a bound volume with the title, “Songs 1942–45.”